With the slow season in full swing, I encourage all St. John residents to venture out and rediscover some of the St. John tourist attractions (which are attractions for good reason.) Go to that beach you’ve been missing out on, or take that hike you’ve been meaning to. Another fun activity is venturing down to town and exploring all Mongoose Junction has to offer.

Mongoose Junction is an architectural beacon on St John, being an inspiration to many since opening in 1978. The beautiful arches and intricate stonework throughout captivates the eye, no matter how frequently you get to come across it. The lush greenery intertwined throughout the architectural elements transports you to an oasis in the heart of Cruz Bay.

The shops only add to the appeal, there is truly something for everyone to enjoy. The smell of homemade waffle cones will prove to be irresistible after dinner. As you explore you will find shops ranging from board shorts to extravagant sundresses, and tons in between (pre-dinner browsing is a definite must!) Come see for yourself all that Mongoose has to offer, and check out the shopping and dining options at the Mongoose Junction.